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Core Services

Our construction services as a multi-task company specialising in all the core areas of the renovation. We do all aspects of the renovation from start to finish.

  • Architectural services.Our construction services as a multi-task company specialising in all the core areas of the renovation. We do all aspects of the renovation from start to finish.
  • Clearing – After the demolishing work had been done all rubble are removed from the property.
  • Construction – Constructing new walls after a wall has been demolished to create a larger room, or the construction of a new extension. Any building work that needs to be done.
  • Plumbing – All necessary plumbing work that needs to be done.
  • Electrical – All electrical work that needs to be done.
  • Plastering – After the construction of any walls and needs to be plastered.
  • Skimming – The skimming of ceilings or walls.
  • Carpentry – Installation of wardrobes or cupboards, or any woodwork that needs to be done.

Architectural services can be arranged if plans are required.

All Finishing Work

All the finishing work of the renovations are done by our multi skilled artisans.

  • Painting and Decorating – Are professionally done as we have been painting and decorating properties since 2008.
  • Flooring – depending on the task, we do all the flooring, if any of the tasks are beyond our scope we call in a flooring company with which we have had a relationship with.
  • Tiling – All our tiling are done by a professional tile who has been doing our tiling since 2011.
  • Light Fitting – Hanging of pendants or chandeliers and fitting of wall or ceiling lights.

It Is About What You Want

Many times, you as the client do not know all aspects of the renovation. We take it upon ourselves to find find out what your desires are, and then enhance your ideas with our professional input until you have a clear picture of what you want. We also give you the freedom of using the “Pillow Talk” strategy. When you go to bed and then start thinking and come up with other ideas. We have no problem with making changes.

Renovations Done

Painting Renovation Done In 2020 Constantia.

This property in Constantia covers approximately 1075 m², had an extension done and after a few years extensive structural cracks appeared.

Large cracks was repaired with crack stitching using steel staples. The external walls (1266 m²) of the property was painted with 1 x coat Undercoat and 2 x top coats. All the window frames were painted.

Renovation Done In Observatory 2019

The remodeling of this property was extensive, in that many walls was removed under the guidance of a structural engineer. Rooms were combined to make larger rooms, and the bathroom was totally relocated. One of the bedrooms was turned into a large bathroom that was closer to the main sleeping area. Since this was a fairly old house the bathroom was located at the far end of the house. The kitchen was also relocated to a new position to make it more central. Due to the amount of walls that was removed, many of the Oregon Pine flooring had to be replaced and the floors were dustless sanded and sealed.

Kitchen/Bathroom Combination Renovation

A kitchen and bathroom combination remodeling in an apartment in Gardens Cape Town. The bath was removed and a new shower area was constructed. The separate toilet area was incorporated with the kitchen and toilet relocated inside bathroom.

The kitchen was redesigned and the central area of the kitchen was made larger and a small dining table was able to be placed in the kitchen. A Tandem Larder (Pull Out Pantry) was installed as a space saver.

The counter tops and shelves in both the Kitchen and Bathroom was manufactured out of solid Kiaat wood.

Renovations completed in Stellenbosch

Large Office Renovated into Accommodation Stellenbosch.

This room was a home business office. It was decided by the owners that the property be turned into a Villa. This office was the remodeled in accommodation with a bathroom. A shower area was constructed and a bathe was installed behind the wall of the shower area.