Painting Renovations

You will only benefit from our experience, in doing your painting renovation. Since 2008 we have accumulated a vast amount of experience in the painting of many properties. It will, therefore be to your advantage, to draw upon our knowledge and experience to give you that phenomenal service experience in your property makeover that you long for.

Working in mostly occupied properties, our staff have developed many new skills and honed their skills to give turnkey services, doing all aspects of the painting contract. Being a multi task company and having developed all the skills necessary to do all the tasks required to complete your painting renovations and all structural repairs to the highest standard.

External Painting Renovation

Internal Painting Renovation

Before the painting renovation
Before makeover
After the painting renovation
After makeover

Structural Repairs

After years of doing painting renovations for two rental agents of a major property company, it was disheartening to return to a property to see that previously repaired cracks has come back with a vengeance. It is a joy for me to go back to a property and do other work and not having to redo what we did.

We had to return to a property that we had done crack repairs previously. But this time I consulted with a structural engineer to remedy this problem. He showed me how to permanently repair cracks, and I mean permanently.

About this property

The two images below shows the amount of cracks that was repaired on this property in 2011. These structural repairs was done before we learnt how to properly do crack repairs. It was after this that we learnt from a structural engineer how to do structural repairs


The Same Property in Dec 2021

A large amount of structural repairs done during this painting renovation.


Crack Stitching

The method is called crack stitching, a similar way a doctor would stitch a wound. There are two methods of crack stitching and the one method we use with large cracks, is the insertion of steel staples, and then fixed with a chemical mortar. Crack stitching is applied to cracks that are larger than five millimetres.

Insert staples across crack, secured with chemical mortar
Insert mesh to strengthen plaster
Plaster area

Applying the crack stitching method we have had great success.

Foundation Structural Repairs

Section of foundation not there
Pinning with steel
Pinning with steel
Pinning with steel

All aspects of structural repairs was done by our multi skilled staff. As painting contractors, we supply turnkey painting renovation and structural repair contracts.

It is also a concern of property owners whether the staff working on the property can be trusted. We have done contract work for two rental agents of a major property company, and have worked in mostly occupied properties, we have not had an incident of negativity since we have started this business. Our staff have been with us for many years and my foreman has been with the company for since 2007. Our staff are hard working, honest, reliable and friendly. They set goals for themselves and therefore complete their tasks in a quick and efficient manner.

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