Renovations For An Arm and a Leg

My Maintenance Crew specialises in turnkey Home Renovations, Bathroom Renovations and Kitchen Renovations.

Many times, we see on social media platforms of people looking for someone to do a specific job that does not cost an “arm and a leg, meaning I want the best products and labour for very cheap. I have the saying that they want the Mercedes type of work done with Uno money.

I have been with possible clients that had a list of what they want one and the type of finishes they want, I just have the thought – “I hope you have the budget for this”.

Bathroom Renovations Gone Wrong

Here is an example of the type of “cheap” jobs certain contractors supply and wants to sue the client when they refuse to pay. I was called by this client to come and have a look at her newly renovated bathroom. I arrived at the property meeting her dad while she was on her way.

When she arrived and showed me the awful workmanship, she had tears in her eyes and asked me to correct it. She was a young teacher starting out in life and purchased the apartment six months prior.

The contractors that did the work had such a fancy business name that it sounds like you have to business with them.

Not The Home Renovations You Want

I was called in by a rental agent for some work she wanted done. When she showed me what I needed to do, I could hardly believe what I saw. The most shocking part was that she deals with many contractors and paid the person that did what they did.

Most of the work I was shown was corrective work. I asked her why she does not get the person back there, I was told that she can’t get hold of him.

After the work was finished she said to me “You are quite pricey” I said to her she could have continued with the same guy.

Today is the 7/9/21. Two months ago, my neighbor had a pool installed. I saw the men in and out of the property. One evening I saw the guy walking out there past 6pm. My thought was, genuinely “she is being screwed over” meaning she – a single lady – are being done in. Well, it became quiet across the road. Three weeks ago, she invited my wife and I across to come and give her advice.

The pool was in with a narrow deck around it, but no pump, no filter, no electrical point for the pump. The rubble still the, the surrounding area still a mess. She had already paid the contractor 90% of the quote.
The moral of the story is, my brother-in-law also quoted her, and she went for the cheaper quote. This person was also recommended by a certain pool company.

I remember this picture of a guy sitting and on the back of his T Shirt was this saying.
It is worth your wile to take note of the image on the right.
I am a qualified artisan; I understand the concept of being a craftsman and being skilled in what-ever you do.

We work at a high standard and am too embarrassed to deliver poor workmanship. We come at a price. The above-mentioned people did not do due diligence. It eventually cost these dear clients more than what the skilled and qualified would have charged because, the work had to be re-done.

My Maintenance Crew is a multi-skilled company and we do turnkey Home Renovations, Bathroom Renovations and kitchen Renovations. All our work is guaranteed. We are not finished until you are happy.
Our staff have been with us for many years, they have been put under pressure to hone their skills, and yes they are good at what they do. Our success rate has been 95%+. I treat my staff as family, I do not arrive at a site and shout and swear at them, I love, respect and honor them. They need to concentrate.

This is what one of our clients had to say Dec 2020.
We wish to thank you for an excellent job done under your management. We had been left with so much damage done to our property due to two sets of building contractors who were dishonest, negligent, and completely lacking in professional expertise in the building industry.

It was due to the positive attitude of your company and the excellent work ethic of Alberto and the team, that we decided to give you the responsibility of repairing the whole house. It all started with the repairing of a cornice that had fallen off the wall and landed up with your team being brought in to repair all the damage, which included Damp Proofing, Internal and External Painting, Tiling and Structural Repairs.

We have no hesitation in recommending your company for the following reasons.
Your quotes are always within reason.
Your team of workers are honest, reliable, have good attitudes, work hard, and are well trained in the building industry.
You complete the job taking into account the needs of the client.

Thank you for a great job done.
D & R Maybery

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